The Best of health

I have always been very conscious about my health and lifestyle. As a child, I already knew that vegetarian food is an ideal food for me.

Since many years I have been practicing yoga and even teaching yoga in Marbella, where I lived more than 5 years.

Since I returned to Austria in 2010, I checked many business opportunities related to health, wellness and fitness industry and recently subscribed to VABO-N health products that I highly recommend for numerous reasons.

If you are interested to improve your health and well-being and at the same time become financially free, then you may with to join our team through this link:

We are planning the world tour after the pandemic to support, promote and visit the best practices in many countries in the world and at the same time to connect with all our members and partners, not only virtually but personally.

Let's be the best versions of ourselves and connect to create the better world, not only for ourselves, but for our children. Thank you for your support!