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The Best of the World Network cares about the world that we live in, the environment and all the living beings. We are honored to present, promote and support one of the most inspiring environmental projects from Indonesia: Tambling Wildlife Nature Conservation (or TWNC). Please check the introductory video from the Founder of TWNC and Artha Graha Network: Mr Tomy Winata below and the website from the Indonesian Embassy in Vienna for more photos from the UN presentation. As a result of UNODC presentation at the United Nations in Vienna on 14 March 2013 The Best of the World Network  Founder, Maria Petrak, (former staff of UNIDO and IAEA), won an exclusive travel to visit Tambling Wildlife Nature Conservation in Sumatra, Indonesia. Photographic highlights from this travel can be seen on The Best of the World Network picasa album.

TWNC is a conservation forest initially run/managed by Artha Graha Peduli or AGP Foundation since 1996, where in 2010 it was officially part of AGP’s green program with the signing of cooperation agreement between TWNC and AGP. It covers 45,000 hectares and (according to the cooperation agreement between Ministry of Forestry and TWNC) of forest which is part of 365,000 hectares South Bukit Barisan National Park or SBBNP and 14.082 hectares of sea marine reserve. The forest is located on the southern tip of Sumatera Island and it is quite remote area where no public transportation is available. South Bukit Barisan National Park has been awarded “Nature World Heritage Site” by the National Committee of World Heritage in 2004. TWNC rehabilitates conflict Sumatran Tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) in hope to realease them back to wildlife nature. Before releasing them to the nature TWNC examines their behavior and health to make sure that they will survive in the wildlife. Why They Matter

Tigers are top predators in the food chain that keeps the balance of eco-system in tropical jungles. Tigers help to keep the population of herbivores like deers, wild buffaloes and omnivores like boars in the jungle. By taking away one important predator, prey will increase at the cost of habitat, which finally impacts mankind directly or indirectly. In other words, saving tigers is equivalent to conserving the Ecosystem. When Bali and Java tigers became extinct in the 20th century, everyone turned their attention to the Sumatran tiger.

TWNC area consist of low land tropical rain forests, coastal forests, mangrove forests, lake and freshwater marsh as well as low land secondary forests. TWNC is a good habitat for Cervus unicolor, Muntiacus muntjac, and wild buffaloes Bubalus bubalis, Sus scrofa boars, several small mammals’ species such as Tragulus napu, Tragulus javanicus, and Hystrix brachyura porcupine. The rare serati Cairina scutulata ducks often visit Sei Leman Lake and Menjukut in TNWC. Together, we can make a positive difference in this world. Let´s start with: respecting our planet, protecting the environment and spreading the message about these highly important topics.

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