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The Best of the World Network® presents one of the VIP members of the network: one of the most visionary travelers and explorers of our times: Austrian-born Bruno Baumann, expedition specialist, an award-winning writer and filmmaker, keynote speaker on motivation, innovation and team building. He is the first man on Earth to cross the Gobi desert alone.


1990–1992 Across the northeastern Tibet 1993 Expedition to the Tibesti-mountains in the north of the Chad 1997 Crossing the Transhimalaya from south to north 2000 Across the Taklamakan desert on the footsteps of Sven Hedin´s legendary “Caravan of no return” 2003 First person in history ever crossing the sandy heart of the Gobi solo on foot 2004 First expedition in history ever rafting the Sutley-Canyon in Tibet and discovery of the sunken culture of the Shang Shung Kingdom Since 2008 Bruno Baumann has committed himself to project “Roads of Dialogue – Silkroad Experiences”, a spectacular modern caravan along the new Silkroad with the aim to seek a dialogue and a transfer of knowledge regarding solutions of technical, ecological, and social challenges.

During his captivating multimedia-lectures and keynote speeches he motivates people to extend their personal limits and to choose innovative paths. Based on his own borderline experiences he creates transfers and impulses for the challenges of daily business life.


Bestowal of the honorary citizenship of the community of Kaindorf a.d. Sulm, Austria, 2008

Nomination for the German Audio Book Award 2005: Takla Makan – Schätze unter glühendem Sand (Treasures Under Glowing Sand)

Globetrotter-Travel Book Award 2002: Kailash. Tibets heiliger Berg (Tibet's Holy Mountain).

Kodak Calendar  Award 2000: »Mythos Seidenstraße« (Silkroad Myth) Daimler Chrysler

Kingdom of Nepal, 1998: Award for special Services to the kingdom »The Schliemann of the 21st Century« Der Spiegel.

The event series "Images of the World" organized by Bruno Baumann has set itself the goal of showing the best protagonists of this genre from the German-speaking world with their stories, adventures and border crossings. In addition to the world discovery, it is also about values such as intercultural dialogue as an opportunity and challenge of the present, tolerance, the beauty but also the vulnerability of our earth. The focus is on personal stories, unusual experiences, told in an exciting way and presented with the power of large images.

Motivational Keynote Speaker

As a keynote speaker, Bruno Baumann speaks from his personal experience based on more than 30 years of travel expeditions in many countries in the world. His expertise lies within the following topics:

From Vision to Action

Visualize your goals and make your visions more powerful through images. The vision generates the motivation. Development of a creative strategy and implementation. There is no innovation without mistakes. Learning from mistakes. Adjustment of the strategy to changing conditions. Experience and knowledge function as a counterbalance to a calculated risk.

Parameters of Success

The uppermost extent of self-reliance. The responsible use of resources. Flexibility. Being conditioned for the goal. Power and endurance. To recognize change as a chance. The ability to precisely perceive "weak signals" (emotional knowledge). The speed of reaction. A creative approach to every day and its challenges. The will of assertion.

Beyond limits: Safety - Risk - Innovation

By challenging the seemingly impossible we increase our possibilities. In times of existential challenges on those will win who are ready to cross the border from the comfort zone to the challenging zone. Those who claim to cross limits of "mission impossible" will be overtaken by those who "just do it". 

The example of the successful Gobi expedition reveals the qualities and strategies to overcoming limits. Innovation does not take place in the comfort of routine and standards set by others. To be innovative means to move into the challenging zone, however there are also risks. Therefore it is necessary to balance the triangle of safety-risk-innovation.

Charity work

Brunno Baumann is the president of Dana e.V., non-profit organization dedicated to promotion of diversity, interpersonal exchange and preserving the wisdom  of Tibetan culture and medicine. 

The word "DANA" means "joyful giving" - YOUR help for one of the DANA projects is also urgently needed and it will help to make a great difference. You can check their projects on their website and support their work by purchasing Tibetan jewellery directly from the association.

Everyone interested in Tibetan culture and becoming a member of "DANA" can donate to the association account. We thank you for your support.

You can learn more about Bruno Baumann through his websites: and

His articles appeared in many magazines just to mention a few: 

BR.DE Heiliger Berg Tibet

Bilder der Welt, Box and many more. 

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